Door Repairs

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Door Repairs Uxbridge

We offer door repairs on our full range of doors.

Before replacing your door, get in touch with us – our expert team could save you from spending unnecessary money.

Types of Door Repair:

  • UPVC Door Repair
  • Composite Door Repair
  • Aluminium Sliding Door Repair
  • Bifold Door Repair
  • Solid Core Timber Door Repair

Door locking problems

Having a faulty locking mechanism can cause a door to get stuck or not lock at all. This issue can usually be solved by adjusting the locks and the door hinges. If this does not solve the problem, it is possible to individually replace the locks and hinges.

Broken Handles

Broken handles which do not spring back satisfactorily or to a horizontal position is often down to an issue with the springs. Repairing this issue is usually quite straightforward for us.

Damaged Mechanisms

A damaged mechanism such as the gearbox is a vital part of the locking mechanism of a door. This can be more complex to repair but with our team of experts, should not be an issue.


Making sure you door is secure is essential for your home security and peace of mind. A faulty door could result in unauthorised entry to your home. With our full range of door repairs, we can ensure that you feel at ease with the security of your home once more.


The last thing you want is to risk one of your friends, family members or yourself getting stuck in a room or locked out in the cold. Let us make sure this doesn’t ever happen…or happen again!

We can fix almost any issue with a broken door so that it will be fit for purpose once again. Don’t risk a faulty lock or broken door handle when you can have it repaired by our experienced team in no time at all.