Remote Quoting From Sovereign Windows

Remote Quoting From Sovereign Windows

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Sovereign Windows Uxbridge’s Remote Quoting For Windows & Doors

Remote Quotes

Even before 2020 made life difficult, getting a quote for a new window or door was not always the best use of time. 

While we strive to provide an excellent service from start to finish, at Sovereign Windows we understand there could be multiple reasons why you may prefer a remote quote to an initial in-person consultation. 

Luckily prior to the COVID 19 pandemic, we began a partnership with one of the industries leading remote quoting softwares. So once the UK couldn’t leave home anymore we were ready to continue servicing Uxbridge and the surrounding areas, this time over video chat.


What does a remote quote from Sovereign Windows Uxbridge look like?

Well, the process is simple:


  • Get in contact with us to book your virtual consultation
  • Via Videocall we will discuss your requirements
  • Once our in-house expert has what we need to begin the quote we will run through your options
  • From there we can size up your new windows or doors, and even overlay them an image of your home!
  • We can create multiple versions, so you can take your time to decide which style suits you best
  • You are then free to review your quotes in your own time, and once you are ready to book in our team will be happy to accommodate and installation that has minimal contact as possible to keep you and your family safe

Sovereign Windows Uxbridge’s Remote Quoting For Windows & Doors

What are the advantages of a Sovereign remote quote?

A No-Contact Process

It goes without saying, 2020 is a year where the fewer visitors to your home the better! You’ll still get an outstanding service start to finish but without the needless visits of old that were so common for window fitters.

Get All The Decision-Makers on One Call

Getting newly fitted windows or doors is a large expense, and we often find it’s something that all bill payers like to be involved in. With the old method of turning up at your home, it can be hard to fit in with work and other commitments.

Our remote quoting software means your partner can dial in from work, and allow everyone to be involved in the process and give feedback.

See Your New Windows & Doors on Your Home

Windows, in particular, can be hard to visualise on the outside of your house. Thanks to our quoting software we can overlay multiple designs of windows or doors on your home.

To do this simply provide us with a photo of the house prior to the call and we can show you how amazing Sovereign is first hand!

Get Quotes To Suit Any Style or Budget

Many lesser window companies will have a product they want you to buy, because of brand partnerships or just to drive up the price! At Sovereign, we pride ourselves on giving impartial advice with none of the mentioned partnerships or arrangements that get in the way of what works well for you.

Via our remote quoting software we can provide multiple quotes and visuals to you, meaning you can compare the look, cost and advantages of all window frame materials.

A Huge Time Saver

Gone are the days of old, when you had a window salesman come around to your home and give the hard sell, eating up your time and feeling the pressure to buy.

With our remote quotes, you eliminate the need to wait around and spend your time waiting for a salesperson to arrive. Instead, simply join the video call at the scheduled time for a no-pressure consultation. After this, you will be free to consider our quotes and what’s best for you, we’ve been a family business since 1979 so we know how big a decision these things can be!



Services we offer

Sovereign Window Range

Sovereign windows are manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand the European climate, keeping you safe and comfortable in your home.

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Sovereign Doors Range

Sovereign offer a wide range of doors to suit all types of property. Our front doors are available in a range of styles and colours to complement the look and feel of your home.

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Sovereign Composite Doors

Sovereign supply and manufacture a wide range of coloured GRP composite doors with interchangeable glass cassettes and High security Yale locking systems.

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Suffolk Door Range

The Suffolk Collection has been designed with a range of versatile styles that come to life with colour and beautiful glass effects.

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Sovereign Conservatories Range

Our conservatories are available in a choice of brilliant white, rich mahogany or light oak effect. Alternatively, you may have mahogany finish on the outside with white finish on the inside.

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Security Services from Sovereign

Sovereign offer security services for windows and doors.

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How Much Does a Double Glazed Window Cost?
In the UK, double glazing can cost between £150 to £600 and above per window. There are many factors to consider which will affect the overall cost of double glazing such as the frame and type of glass.
What is the Best Type of Double Glazing?
PVC is the most commonly used frame material for double glazing because of its efficiency and lower price. Aluminium and wooden frames are more costly. When it comes to style of double glazed windows, the most popular are casement and sash.
How Many Types of Windows are There?
There is a choice of approximately 18 different window types you can have installed or replaced in your home. These have the options of different styles, window frame options, energy efficiency ratings and glass.
What are the Different Types of Window Frames?
The 5 most common types of window frame materials for replacement windows include aluminum windows, composite windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and traditional wooden window frames.
How Much is a New Front Door and Frame?
On average, you can expect to pay somewhere between £500 and £2500 for a standard front door. For a custom-made door, the cost will be between £2000 and £4500.
How Long Does it Take to Install a Door?
It will take around five or six hours to replace a front door. An interior door can be done much quicker as it does not require the same caulking, flashing, and other weatherproofing steps.
How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Door?
On average, door repair services usually cost £60 to £100 but this can vary depending on a number of factors.
How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Window?
On average, the cost of repairing a standard sized broken window is between £100 to £150. To repair a large blown window you're looking at a price closer to £350 all the way up to £850.