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Solid Timber Doors in Uxbridge

Solid Timber Doors

We’ve been installing doors in Uxbridge and the surrounding areas since 1979. In all that time timber doors have remained amongst the most popular choices for our customers and it’s not hard to see why.

Delivering an aesthetically pleasing look, coupled with fantastic security and durability means that a new timber is often the best choice. If you have a more traditional look to your home our solid timber doors help amplify that look considerably, we even offer styles that suit more modern homes.

At Sovereign Windows Uxbridge, we are proud to not only offer outstanding quality, but also a range of timber door styles that mean there is something for every home. As a family business, we pride ourselves on offering a no-pressure service and helping our customers make the best choice for them.

That’s why we are happy to give quotes remotely, over the phone or web. Our team even offer remote quoting via video chat, and before any installation, we can even use our advanced software to show you what your door will look like on the front of your home.

Solid Timber Doors From Sovereign Windows Uxbridge

What Makes Timber Doors From Sovereign So Great?

We’ve been installing timber doors around Uxbridge for a long time, since 1979, however timber doors have long been the most popular option for most homeowners. When created by craftsmen and installed by experts there are few things more impressive for visitors when they come to your home.

A few reasons why we would recommend our range of timber doors include:


No matter what style of home you have there is no chance of a timber front door going out of fashion. In traditional style homes, in particular, they can be a real eye-catcher, and with our extensive range of styles on offer even modern homes can be made to stand out.

Once you fancy a change you can recoat your door with fresh paint without having to pay out the cost of a brand new door.


Timber is both slow to absorb and release heat, making it an ideal choice in both the summer and winter. As well as a great heat insulator, wooden timber doors keep noise out extremely well so are ideal if you live near a busy road.


Wood has long been used in construction, because of its durability as well as the outstanding insulating quality.


Upkeep of your new door is simple, with an occasional wipe clean all that is needed for general care. Applying a thin coat of varnish every few years can also extend the great new look of your door, although even if you don’t do this the strength and security will stay the same. Timber also means you can safely and easily repaint your door with wood paint for a new look.


It may not be the first thing you think about, considering you will just be looking to buy a new front door, however, timber is the most sustainable choice you can make. At the end of its life cycle, the full door can be recycled, meaning the environmental impact is greatly reduced.

Solid Core Timber Doors FAQs

A solid core door is a type of wooden door where the frame is completely filled with wood or wood composite materials, as opposed to a hollow core door that only uses a thin layer of wood or fibreboard. Solid-core timber doors are extremely popular in households across the UK thanks to their durable nature and they increased security they offer

Solid-core timber doors can cost anywhere upwards of £800 (including installation) This being said, the price you pay is dependent on a wide range of factors including size, style and quantity. To get an accurate price for your project, make sure to contact our team using our online contact form or give us a call at 01895 247222

Solid-core timber doors tend to weigh between 30kg – 35kg but this can vary between manufacturers. Renowned for being one of the heaviest doors on the market, solid-core timber doors are extremely durable making them a great long-term solution for your home.

The construction of solid-core timber doors is such that they are made from solid timber strips, which allows for trimming to any desired size without compromising their integrity. This means that they can be trimmed to any size to fit your property.

Solid core doors are a type of wooden doors that are filled with wood or wood composite materials throughout the entire frame.

In most cases, the installer should be able to install your solid-core timber door in a matter of a couple of hours. Even with minor complications, the installation would only take one day at most.