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Whether you are in the heat of summer or in the unforgiving winter cold, bifold doors are a truly flexible option, giving you the best of both worlds.

At Sovereign windows, we offer a variety of bifold doors in a range of different colours, styles and materials to choose from. To help you to find a bifold door that is perfectly suited to your home. Our team are always on hand to offer you impartial advice on the best bifold door for you.

If you are looking for a new back door then you may be wondering whether or not bifold doors are the right choice for you. Even if you have not seen bifold doors before, there are many benefits that come from installing these doors in your home.

Source of Natural light

One major benefit of bifold doors is that they boast a very large glass surface to allow an incredible amount of natural light into your home. Although it may seem obvious that this would be great throughout the summer, bifold doors also allow you to enjoy the view of your garden from the warmth of your home, making it ideal during winter.

Smooth Transition between Home and Garden

For anyone that enjoys entertaining guests at their home, bifold doors can be a great way to create more space, opening up the layout of their home. Unlike sliding doors, bifold doors can be completely folded away once opened in order to create even more space in your home. This can be a huge deal for anyone that takes a lot of pride in their garden. Furthermore, by creating a seamless transition between your home and garden it can really open your home. If you enjoy entertaining guests regularly then this is a huge benefit of bifold doors.

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Highly Secure

Although bifold doors are incredibly easy to move and open, they are also extremely secure, ensuring your complete peace of mind. Bifold doors are built with security in mind, as well as being built to stop as much heat leaving the home as possible, making your home more energy efficient, saving you money on energy you would otherwise spent on heating.

Low Maintenance

Bifold doors are very easy to maintain as the glass can simply be wiped with a small amount of spray in the event that become unclean. This gives you more time to focus on the things that matter, while ensuring that your bifold door stays in the best condition.

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