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Timber Windows Uxbridge

Timber windows have been a favourite of homeowners for many years, the style and aesthetic that timber has can complement a variety of properties.

Although timber is generally favoured visually over other materials, it is important that you choose the best quality timber to ensure that your window is built to last and is resilient to the elements.

The look of timber is second to none, and with our unique quoting software we can now even show you what your replacement timber windows will be like. This innovative way of quoting also means our team can even quote remotely if that suits your schedule more.

The Perfect Choice for Period Properties

Generally, uPVC windows are mass produced while timber windows are bespoke. As well as being generally more suited to being installed in an older property, a timber window can also be specifically tailored to complement the stylings of a traditional property and it is for this reason that a timber window would be a better choice in this instance. Timber windows can also be painted whatever colour you wish and are therefore suited to a wide range or properties.

Energy Efficient

Timber windows are also energy efficient as timber is a naturally insulating material. Timber is also a very strong material, capable of supporting a lot of weight. For this reason, it is possible to also install double or triple glazed windows, reducing the amount of heat lost from the property even further. Although uPVC windows may be cheaper initially, this point makes timber windows a cheaper option in the long run.

Following on from this, it is also noted that timber windows are more environmentally friendly than various alternatives. If you are looking to replace your current windows then timber windows may be the right choice if you are looking for the most environmentally friendly option. Opting for double glazing for your timber windows can also further enhance energy efficiency by insulating your home. For professional double glazing in UxbridgeSloughHarrow and many more surrounding areas contact us today on 01895 257222.

Timber Windows FAQs

With the correct maintenance, timber windows can last anywhere in the region of 60 and 80 years. Timber is a hardwood meaning it’s very dense. These properties make it extremely durable which helps to prevent the wet and cold from penetrating the window and causing wear and tear.

It’s recommended that you give your timber windows a fresh coat of paint every 6-8 years. This being said, all timber windows fitted by Sovereign Widows come with a highly durable finish which helps to keep your ongoing maintenance to a minimum.

Timber windows can cost anywhere upwards of £1000 for delivery and installation. The price you pay is dependent on a wide range of factors including size, style and quantity. To get an accurate price for your project, make sure to contact our team using our online contact form or give us a call on 01895 247222

A combination of our two favourite designs, timber and sash. This window design combines the stylish aesthetic of timber with the smooth functionality found in a sash window. A popular choice for traditional British homes timber sash windows will no doubt take the aesthetics appeal of your property to the next level.

Timber is a naturally insulating material making it great for energy efficiency. The strength possessed by timber allows you to fit double or even triple glazing, simply put, timber is the perfect choice when it comes to maximising energy efficiency.

In most cases, the installer should be able to install your solid-core timber door in a matter of a couple of hours. Even with minor complications, the installation would only take one day at most.