Domestic & Commercial Window and Door Insurance Repairs

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Domestic & Commercial Window and Door Insurance Repairs

Our window and door repairs are compliant with home insurance policies so you can easily get your damaged windows and doors repaired through your insurance

Windows and doors are entry points to your home or business, so it is important that you get damaged or broken doors and windows replaced as soon as possible to ensure you are protected from any potential unwanted visitors. We know it can be difficult to understand when you are able to claim repairs on your insurance, so we have detailed everything you need to know about window and door insurance repairs.

If you still have questions about whether your home or building insurance covers window and door repairs, please contact your insurance provider for clarity.

Does home insurance cover window and door repairs?

Yes – as long as your policy includes building insurance, you will be covered if your windows or doors are damaged or broken. Building insurance is typically mandatory if you have a mortgage on your home, as your mortgage provider may only let you have a mortgage with building insurance.

Building insurance will cover any damage to windows and doors, including intentional or accidental damage, as long as a resident did not cause it.

When your insurance may not cover repairs

Your insurance will not cover any repairs that were deemed to have been caused by neglect. This can include a number of circumstances that you may not have considered. Damage caused by installing low-quality windows or doors would be seen as being caused by a resident. This is why choosing the right company to carry out your window and door repairs and replacements is so important.

Even the instance of a tree falling and breaking a window could be seen as neglect if the tree was found to have been planted too close to the house. It is important that you read and understand your policy before you pursue insurance repairs.

Does commercial property insurance cover window and door repairs?

A standard commercial building insurance policy is expected to include cover for damage to windows and doors, however, you should always consult your insurance policy for clarity. As with domestic building insurance, a commercial property insurance policy would cover accidental and intentional damage to windows and doors, which could be caused due to weather or vandalism for example.

When running a business, the last thing you want to encounter is the unwelcome costs associated with a broken window or door, which is why you need to make sure you choose a quality, reputable company to carry out the repair. Installing high-quality doors and windows not only means your business is protected immediately but will protect you from further damage in the coming years.

Door repair process

We are not only experts in windows; we also have many years of door repair and replacement experience. When compared to replacing your door, having it repaired can save you a lot of money, so be sure to get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Types of Doors We Repair

  • UPVC Door Repair
  • Composite Door Repair
  • Aluminium Sliding Door Repair
  • Bifold Door Repair
  • Solid Core Timber Door Repair

Damage repairs we carry out

  • Door locking issues
  • Broken door handles
  • Damaged mechanisms

Window repair process

Regardless of your circumstance, the cost of a high-quality, like-for-like replacement window is always an unwanted expense. For this reason, if you want to repair a window, you need to work with a reliable, qualified professional you can trust. Contact us today to find out about our window repairs.

Type of window damage we can repair

  • Smashed windows
  • Cracked window panes
  • Windows jammed shut
  • Faulty window locks
  • Damaged and broken window handles
  • Faulty seals in draughty windows
  • Leaking windows
  • Steamed up double glazing