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Brighten your home with natural light, thanks to our range of aluminium sliding doors.

An ideal way to gain a better view of your garden, using sliding doors in your home is one of the most popular installations we carry out.

The easy operation and great look of an aluminium sliding door is obvious, however with our selection at Sovereign Windows Uxbridge you get something the big companies can’t offer you.

As a family run business since 1979 we stand by the quality we deliver to our customers, that’s why all of our sliding door installations come with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

We’re proud to offer our services from our home in Uxbridge, with a service area that spans the wider area including High Wycombe, Hayes and Harrow to name but a few. To make the process even smoother we even offer remote quoting via video call, with no hard sell and only the best advice from trusted local experts.

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The Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Maximise Natural Light

Nothing makes a home seem more welcoming then natural light pouring through into the room. Opting for aluminium sliding doors not only means that you get easy access to your patio or garden but the design also lets unrivalled amounts of light through with its thin frame.

Efficient Use of Space

With no space needed to allow the door to swing open, an aluminium sliding door is an outstanding choice to make the best of your space. Sliding to fully open your new sliding door will use less footprint than even expensive bi-fold doors.

Oustanding Resilience & Insulation

By using aluminium you gain an incredible level of durability to your newly installed sliding doors. While other materials are cheaper, gaining the peace of mind of aluminium is unrivalled. Rarely affected by the elements, our frames also prevent heat escaping and cold air coming into your home in the winter.

Fantastic Security

At Sovereign Windows Uxbridge we understand that new doors or windows need to do much more than look good. They also need to prevent forces access and keep your family safe, that’s why all our aluminium sliding doors come with the most secure multipoint locks to give the best possible security.

Simple To Maintain

The beauty of using metal as the frame to your sliding doors means upkeep is simple. The aluminium simply needs to be wiped down occasionally, with no special cleaners or technique needed to keep them looking their best.

Environmentally Friendly

When upgrading your home’s door the last thing you may think of it how to dispose of them, even so, it’s worth noting the low environmental impact of our aluminium sliding doors. Once they reach the end of their life span both the metal and insulated glass can be recycled fully and with little effort.

Sovereign Door Range

High Quality Aluminium Sliding Doors in Uxbridge.

Aluminium is an extremely popular choice for sliding doors today, and for good reason. Although there may be cheaper alternative materials, choosing a high quality material is extremely important. Even if aluminium may be more expensive than other materials, going for a high quality material that will last a longer amount of time may save you money in the future.

At Sovereign Windows, we offer a wide range of aluminium sliding doors to suit the style of any home.

If you are interested in finding out more or you have already decided in the aluminium sliding door that will complement your home then make sure to sure to call us today on 07740256508 or contact us for a free quote.

Aluminium Sliding Doors FAQs

Aluminium sliding doors can cost anywhere around £3000. The price you pay is dependent on a wide range of factors including size, style and quantity. To get an accurate price for your project, make sure to contact our team using our online contact form or give us a call at 01895 247222

Whilst on average should last between 20-40 years, constant use of your aluminium siding door can result in signs of wear and tear. As a general rule of thumb, aluminium sliding doors should be replaced when they no longer function as they should. A few early warning signs to keep an eye out for include a constant draft, water from outside getting in or when the mechanism is no longer locking correctly

Here at Sovereign Windows, we only work with the most reputable suppliers to ensure that you receive the best aluminium sliding door for your property. We are so confident in the quality that we offer a 10-year guarantee on all installations.

In most cases, the installer should be able to install your aluminium sliding doors in a matter of a couple of hours. Even with minor complications, the installation would only take one day at most.

Yes, aluminium sliding doors are one of the most energy-efficient options on the market today. Aluminium is a durable material which naturally insulates your home, not only does this help keep the cold out but it allows you to train heat in the winter saving you money on your energy bills.